The Process of Stained Glass Repair

16 Oct

Churches and other buildings from of old are among the places where stained glass was mainly used to give pictorial representation of certain occurrences. Besides these places, the use of stained glass as part of the decor of a building is also another area where one can use it. What also makes them to easily be used in a majority of places is because one can choose the colors and designs to be used to fit their taste which adds a personalized effect on the room used. The process of making these strained glass frame maybe cumbersome but the payoff is usually the fact that they can be used for more than seventy years.

The problem arises when the glass is cracking and line may need to repair them. The process of stained glass repair, just like making of stained glass may require a lot of caution to avoid causing more damage to it. Disposing such a piece or art would also be absurd which means that one needs to undertake the process no matter how hard it may be or a least engage a an expert to help. Since the length that the cames have been in place are a factor to consider one needs to know the length of usage to determine the amount of materials to use. One may require the assistance of an expert if they have never handled stained glass before to make sure that they are following the correct procedures.

Lead is usually malleable and has some form of elasticity when used for the first time although it losses this property with time which may inflict some pressure on the stained glass causing it to crack or bulge. The lead may require to be changed if during the repair it seems to keep breaking. In the event that the lead cannot be used anymore and may require to be replaced, one should measure the length of the frame before proceeding to remove the pieces of glass carefully to avoid breaking them. These strained pieces of glass should then be cleaned before reusing them with a different frame. Learn more about stained glass at

One may require to also replace the pieces of glass that have been broken and cannot be restored. Besides breaking, one should look out for loss of color or flacking paint as pair of the repairs that need to be carried out. The lead and the stained glass can all be found in stain glass supplies stores. Even after the custom stained glass repair, it is advisable for one to take the necessary care to ensure the long life of the stained glass frames. Among the measures that can protect the glass is the use of drug brushes and not water as the soap chemicals causes harm to both the glass and the lead came.

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